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Sleep Apnea Dentist Northridge

Sleep Apnea Dentist NorthridgeThe first line of treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea is often lifestyle changes. These changes can include weight loss, reduced alcohol intake, exercise, and sleeping on the side. Alterations like these are often effective in turning sleep apnea symptoms around. Occasionally, making these changes is not enough to reduce the occurrence of symptoms like snoring and frequent breathless night awakenings. Dental sleep medicine can provide many sleep apnea sufferers with the relief they need. Our Northridge sleep apnea dentist can administer treatment for qualifying patients.

Our sleep apnea dentist in Northridge works with sleep doctors to provide relief for those suffering from sleep apnea. Dental sleep medicine focuses on treating sleep apnea using dental procedures like oral appliance therapy and upper airway surgery.

Northridge Sleep Apnea Dentist

An oral appliance is intended to keep you throat open while you sleep. If our Northridge sleep apnea dentist prescribes an oral appliance, a plastic device closely resembling a sports mouth guard is custom-made for the patient. These devices hold either the tongue or the jaw in a forward position to encourage easier breathing. Mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms are often effectively eliminated with an oral appliance. Oral appliances are easy to use, and treatment is entirely reversible. If the oral appliance fails to ease symptoms, all the patient need do is stop wearing the mouthpiece.

Sleep apnea surgery is reserved for severe cases of the disorder and only after nonsurgical treatments like oral appliances and breathing therapies have failed. Also known as tissue removal or uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), upper airway surgery involves surgical removal of tissue from the rear of the mouth and the top of the throat. If needed, the tonsils and adenoids are also removed. If vibrating throat structures are the cause of snoring, this procedure often remedies the issue, and snoring stops.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea symptoms and believe you may benefit from an oral appliance or upper airway surgery, call our office today. We would be happy to schedule you an appointment with our sleep apnea dentist in Northridge.

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