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Sleep Apnea Devices Northridge

Sleep Apnea Devices NorthridgeSleep apnea is a common disorder characterized by breathing interruptions during sleep, snoring and daytime fatigue. By preventing patients from getting the rest they need, sleep apnea increases risks of suffering deadly accidents. De-oxygenation caused by breathing interruptions boosts risks of heart attack, stroke and sudden death. Fortunately, a number of options exist for patients who are plagued by sleep apnea. Here is more about treatments from our expert in sleep apnea devices in Northridge.


CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a conventional treatment used for sleep apnea. Patients treated with CPAP must wear a face mask connected by a hose to a machine that blows air into their airway in order to keep it open during sleep. Unfortunately, CPAP is not easily tolerated by patients and does not always work. Today, more patients are abandoning CPAP in favor of new alternatives.

Northridge Sleep Apnea Devices

Oral appliances are a modern option offered by our Northridge sleep apnea devices expert for treating CPAP. Constructed on an individual basis for optimal fit, these oral appliances keep the airway open by preventing the jaws and soft oral tissues from collapsing backwards during sleep. With no air blowing into the airway, patients treated with oral appliances are able to sleep better and stay more comfortable than with CPAP therapy.

Patients who reduce or eliminate their sleep apnea can expect major benefits related to their health and quality of life. Risks of accidents and heart problems are reduced. Deeper sleep means more energy during the day, resulting in sharper thinking and more stamina. Mood is also improved when sleep apnea is treated successfully. With this option from our expert in sleep apnea devices in Northridge, patients can also stay more comfortable and travel more lightly as they enjoy better sleep and health.

Patients who suffer from snoring and experience symptoms such as daytime fatigue and breathlessness upon waking should visit our Northridge sleep apnea devices expert to find out if they are suffering from sleep apnea. If sleep apnea is discovered, patients can receive treatment to reclaim their sleep and well-being.

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