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Sleep Apnea Doctor Northridge

Dr AssiliSleep apnea, although a common disorder these days, often goes undiagnosed and thus untreated. When sleep apnea is identified, it is often partners or loved ones who first recognize the symptoms. These include loud, disruptive snoring and frequent awakenings during the night due to breathing stoppages. Our Northridge sleep apnea doctor, Ramin Assili, DDS has 5 years of experience diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.

Northridge Sleep Apnea Doctor

Common treatments for sleep apnea include:

  • Lifestyle Changes
    Our sleep apnea doctor in Northridge, Ramin Assili, DDS recommends lifestyle changes as first-line treatment for patients suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea. These lifestyle changes can include: weight loss, quitting smoking, sleeping on your side rather than your back, or trying a nasal decongestant.
  • Dental Appliances
    Sleep Apnea Dental ApplianceSometimes making physical adjustments to the jaw and throat area can ease sleep apnea symptoms. Upon consultation with our Northridge sleep apnea doctor, Ramin Assili, DDS, you may be fitted for a dental appliance. These look like mouth guards athletes wear and are designed to gently push either your tongue or your lower jaw forward, depending on the breathing issues you are having. This creates space in the back of your throat, making it easier to breathe at night.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
    For moderate to severe sleep apnea, one of the most effective treatment methods is CPAP. This treatment pumps pressurized air from a machine through a hose and into a mask worn over your nose. The air keeps your airway open as you sleep and prevents the occurrence of apneas. Although efficacious when used consistently, some people find the mask cumbersome and eventually give up on CPAP treatment.
  • Surgery
    In rare cases where patients are plagued by severe sleep apnea, our sleep apnea doctor in Northridge, Ramin Assili, DDS, may recommend surgery. Surgery for sleep apnea can involve tissue removal from the top of your throat, jaw repositioning, or even implants placed in your soft palate to discourage relaxation of the throat.

Ramin Assili, DDS is a highly skilled dentist in Northridge. He is a Member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Ramin Assili, DDS.