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Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Northridge

The most commonly used, easiest way to treat sleep apnea is non-medical and involves lifestyle changes like weight loss, reduced alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and sleeping on the side. These changes do not always result in symptom relief. Even after losing weight and switching sleeping position, you may notice you still snore and experience breath stoppages during the night. The front-line, doctor-prescribed treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea is an oral appliance. Our Northridge sleep apnea oral appliances expert often recommends oral appliances over CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

An oral appliance resembles mouth guards athletes wear during games. It is a small plastic device that you place in your mouth while you sleep, much like an orthodontic retainer. The appliance keeps your tongue from collapsing into the back of your throat. This allows for a clear airway and unobstructed breathing during sleep. In some cases, our expert in sleep apnea oral appliances in Northridge may combine this treatment with CPAP or certain lifestyle changes.

Northridge Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

For the most part, patients adjust quickly to wearing an oral appliance, as it is comfortable and pain-free. It should only take a couple of weeks to get used to wearing your oral appliance. Because these devices are small, they are easy to take with you when traveling and much more discreet than a CPAP mask and machine. Should you decide to stop using your oral appliance, treatment is entirely reversible—you simply stop wearing it. Consult our Northridge sleep apnea oral appliances expert should you experience any discomfort from your oral appliance.

If you feel you are not seeing any improvement from your sleep apnea symptoms after a couple weeks regularly using your oral appliance, contact our expert in sleep apnea oral appliances in Northridge. There are over 80 different devices available in the market today. You may need to simply test a few appliances before you find one that works for you. Our specialist wants to help you find relief from sleep apnea, so be honest regarding all aspects of your treatment.

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