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Surgery for Sleep Apnea Northridge

surgery for sleep apnea northridgeSleep apnea surgery is becoming increasingly popular as more patients seek a permanent solution to potentially deadly sleep apnea. During this procedure, our expert in surgery for sleep apnea in Northridge modifies the airway to ease the flow of air when the patient breathes at night. The parts of the airway that are removed or repositioned vary depending on the type of surgery used.

Maxillomandibular Advancement

This type of surgery entails moving the upper and lower jaws and the chin forward to open the airway. Simultaneously, the position of the tongue is moved away from the airway so that it is less likely to collapse during sleep. If necessary, patients may also receive recommendations for correction of nasal deviation or expansion of the nasal passages. Some studies have found that as many as nine out of 10 patients are cured of sleep apnea with this surgery.

Other Treatments

A number of other procedures may be recommended by our expert in surgery for sleep apnea in Northridge. For example, uvulopalatopharyngoloplasty, also called UPPP, involves removing the uvula and making the soft palate smaller to reduce the overall size and laxity of the soft palate. Hyoid suspension, another option, stabilizes the airway in the vicinity of the thyroid. Genioglossus advancement, or GGA, may be used in combination with the other procedures and involves tightening the tendon at the front of the tongue to prevent the tongue from collapsing backwards into the throat during sleep.

Candidacy for Treatment

Treatment by our expert in surgery for sleep apnea in Northridge is ideal for many individuals who have failed to tolerate or find relief from CPAP therapy. Patients who are interested in a long-term solution to the health risks and loss of life quality associated with sleep apnea can explore the benefits of surgery at a consultation with our surgeon.

Instead of suffering with CPAP every night, patients can have their sleep apnea cured through surgery. With restored sleep quality and body oxygenation, sleep apnea surgery recipients are likely to enjoy better mood, clearer thinking and more stamina. Our expert in surgery for sleep apnea in Northridge can determine candidacy for patients and answer any questions they may have.

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