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TMJ Doctor

TMJ Doctor NorthridgeMaking the decision to see a TMJ doctor is a step towards getting relief from the symptoms that have likely been affecting your ability to function. Our Northridge TMJ doctor offers personalized care designed to help you achieve the best outcome and maximum relief. At your consultation, we will focus on you to better understand your needs.

TMJ Doctor Northridge

Our TMJ doctor in Northridge may ask several questions to learn more about your condition. These can include:

• Your symptoms and when they began
• If you have a history of similar symptoms
• If you have been sick or suffered from stress recently
• If you have frequent neck aches, earaches, or headaches
• If you have toothaches without obvious cause
• If you regularly take any medications, vitamins, or supplements
• If you have a family history of TMJ
• Whether or not the pain is constant
• What triggers the pain
• Whether you have a full range of motion or if your jaw tends to get stuck in a position
• If the joint tends to click or make other odd noises that are accompanied by pain or discomfort

After you complete a health history, our Northridge TMJ doctor will perform a physical exam. We will look at the jaw to determine its range of motion, listen for any abnormal sounds, feel the joint as you open and close your mouth, and press on specific areas around the joint to identify tender or sore spots. Imaging tests may be needed. These can include dental X-rays as well as MRIs or CT scans. These help us see specific types of abnormalities and rule out various conditions.

If our TMJ doctor in Northridge determines that you have TMJ disorder, we will create a personalized treatment plan. This may include a variety of therapies geared specifically towards your needs. We address your individual symptoms as well as any underlying issues that are contributing to or causing the joint problems. Because we take an individualized approach, no two treatment plans are alike. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in TMJ treatment in Northridge.