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Treatments for Sleep Apnea Northridge

Treatments for Sleep Apnea Northridge

One of the most common sleep disorders in the U.S., sleep apnea afflicts more than 18 million individuals. Most of these people are untreated, many entirely unaware they suffer from the sleep disorder. Our expert in treatments for sleep apnea in Northridge recommends seeking treatment for sleep apnea. Patients who leave sleep apnea untreated, are at a greater risk of being involved in an auto accident, and their overall health is compromised. Recent medical studies reveal links between sleep apnea and numerous disorders like stroke, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. Receiving proper treatment for sleep apnea is important to reduce your risk for these complications.

Lifestyle Changes

To address cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea, our expert in treatments for sleep apnea in Northridge often first recommends lifestyle changes. These can include one or more of the following:

•    Weight loss
•    Regular exercise
•    Moderate alcohol consumption
•    Quitting smoking
•    Sleeping on the side of the body

Should these changes fall short of providing relief from sleep apnea symptoms, our expert in treatments for sleep apnea in Northridge may recommend more intensive treatment like breathing therapies.


•    CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
A machine delivering a constant stream of pressurized air through a mask that fits over the face is designed to keep the airway open and eliminate breathless awakenings or apneas. This treatment is the most consistently successful method used to remedy sleep apnea. Some patients find wearing the mask uncomfortable and eventually give up on it.

•    Oral Appliances
Those with sleep apnea who cannot tolerate CPAP may find an oral appliance is more comfortable and easier to handle. These devices are intended to keep the throat open and the airway unobstructed. Some devices, like mandibular repositioning appliances, keep the jaw forward. Others, like tongue retaining appliances, keep the tongue in an advanced position.

In rare cases, our expert in treatments for sleep apnea in Northridge recommends patients undergo surgery for sleep apnea. These surgical procedures include surgical removal of throat tissue, soft palate implants, and jaw repositioning surgery. As of now, no long-term medical studies have been conducted on sleep apnea surgeries.


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